Dog sounds

I love the sound of dogs; not crazy nonstop barking sounds but the everyday small sounds that our dogs make. Lastnight I got the idea for this mornings blog by listening to my dogs settle. I crawled into bed after 11 (late for me) and as everyone hunkered down in their spots I clearly heard three deep sighs. The first was Tilley as she let the days thoughts leave her and started to drift away. Then Jessie and Luke; it made me smile to hear them.

Often I am startled awake by the sound of someone dreaming; I can typically distinguish who it is as I listen to them and wonder what adventures are unfolding in their dream. Sometimes it is fleeting while at other times it get's pretty intense. Dogs make lots of sounds other than barking and growling. Luke is a howler; he get's going if a siren hangs around for a while. His ears go up at the first very distant sound of a siren but if the sound remains for over 30 seconds his posture changes and he begins his howl; I just love when he howls.

There is the joyous greeting sounds; it sometimes starts before I even get into the house. If the dogs are looking out the front window and see me get out of the car I can immediately hear Jessie's little crying. Then there is the stampede sound down the stairs to the front door when the frezied barking starts. The bark is quite different when it is at me; it's more a whiney type bark. Once I'm in there is much more whimper crying from Jessie as she charges around with a toy in her mouth. Her little feet sounding much like a tiny horse running around my house.

Luke and Tilley stay at the door; they do alot of yawning and bowing. I have never had a dog bow quite as much as Luke, and he stays in his bow if you get your hands on him. It is quite a sight; skinny boy with his butt in the air for a good minute or two. Then the talking starts, lots of happy sounds which resemble us talking with our mouth completely stuffed. You can't make out what they are saying but you know it's good news.

The morning brings the ear flapping noises; ya gotta have a good shake when you first wake up. Then comes the big stretches that are accompanied with the very loud and audible yawn noises. And if you really need someone to pay attention you make cute little baby yawn sounds; that is sure to bring on the aaahhhhhhhh reactions, guaranteed.

Without the sounds of a dog in a home; it simply is not complete.

I love the sound of dogs.

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