Top 10 with the AKC

Retrievers (Labrador)
Yorkshire Terriers
German Shepherd Dogs
Retrievers (Golden)
Shih Tzu
Miniature schnauzers

Sherri's top 10

Lhasa mix
Labrador Retriever
Golden retriever
Pit mix
Border Collie mix
Boston Terrier
Husky dog either Malamute/Siberian
Australian Shepherd

This is the top 10 list for dogs in America, this list is comprised from the number of dogs registered with the AKC. This does not represent the dogs that the general public purchase unregistered, designer dogs or mixes. But unfortunately it does represent a vast number of dogs in puppy mills. Puppy mills can and do register their dogs with the AKC; says alot about the AKC eh?

As far as the "top 10" I agree with the top dog; you really do see more labs than any other purebred dog. Although I think even on top of the purebred lab you see more Lhasa mixes; you know the long bodied fluffy guys with the slightly pushed in face? I swear a couple of weekends ago while out on a walk that is all that I saw.

#2 the Yorkshire terrier is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the pet stores and with the online shady breeders (puppy millers). Because of their size they can easily pump out hundreds in a small space. But with all the bad breeding of these little guys comes health issues. And the yorkie is one that is in the "tea cup" size as well which is detrimental to the breed. Dogs bred down in size so small that health and physical issues ensue.

I can't believe that German Shepherds are above Goldens, that just doesn't make sense. But anyhow; what I see in German Shepherds are poorly bred specimens rarely resembling a purebred. There are lots of beagles around, ah the never ending desire to have the popular dog. I'm sure that they will be dying off in popularity now that the PWD will be surging. The movie Shiloh did to the beagle what the 101 Dalmations did to yes; the dalmation. I definitely see alot of Boxers out there; I have two living behind me. Remember the beasty girls who attacked Luke?

The rest in the top #10 AKC dogs you see around. Bulldogs are more popular than before; they are almost always in a pet store. I do not see alot of poodles in general; lots of poodle mixes. When I was growing up almost everyone had a miniature poodle and I just don't see them often now, I actually see more standards. And Shih Tzu's I rarely see, I mean the real purebred specimen but there are alot in the show rings. And yes I do see schnauzers but again, not like I use to.

So what is the Top 10 AKC list really? It lists the number of dogs registered with the AKC in year, that's it, that's all. Many dogs go unregistered, I did not have Luke registered. His litter was registered but I didn't bother spending money for nothing. I was not going to show him or enter him in official obedience trials so he was not listed. Many good dogs are never registered and thousands of dogs from millers are.

Many dogs registered with the AKC are show dogs so you may not see them out and about living with the general public. If you go to a conformation show you will see dogs that you have never seen before. Before now, not too many people knew what a PWD (Portuguese Water Dog) was.

So does the AKC list represent what we see in the average home; it's close but not right on. I think my list is closer to reality ;)

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  1. The Woofgang goes to a dog park once or twice a day. We see the AKC top 10 list there, for sure. Labs - like ours - are plentiful, but GSDs aren't that common. We see a few Great Danes too - always a magnificent sight.

    R, J, B and D


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