Millers (yep goin there again)

Large scale breeding has come to my attention. There are hundreds of websites online showing adorable little puppies; set up in an oh so cute setting for you to choose from. Just type in any breed and you'll find them; any breed, mix and designer dog you could ever want. They have each puppy set up beside flowers and tiny items to play on our ahhhhh emotion. Just go through the available pups, make the call and your pup is on it's way.

Just yesterday I stumbled onto a site; this was not the typical miller site that hides the facility and breeding dogs, no they brag about it. They have aerial shots of their huge breeding business, lots of photos of their kennels indoors and out boasting high tech modern grooming and breeding areas. Even though these dogs seem to be well cared for with regards to grooming and feeding they live in kennels. That's right, they are kennel dogs and that is their life.

Dogs are not livestock; dogs should not live in kennels. I am not talking about putting your dog in a kennel when you go out; I mean a kennel is where they live. The whole set up is a breeding facility; it is a thriving business which earns them their money and the more they can sell the more money they make. And although the animals are caged, fed and groomed it is very sad to think of a dog living in a kennel.

I have several issues with these type of facilities: 1. Dogs should not live in kennels, they are pack animals and need a pack to live with, that's us. 2. Pumping out so many dogs is irresponsible; good breeders breed when they have a waiting list for puppies. 3. Anyone who owns and operates a facility like this is nowhere near a dog lover. Dogs simply deserve more and if you think that pumping out huge amounts of puppies is okay; having breeding adults live their life in a cage and selling puppies to whoever coughs up the money for one, then we as humans have a far way to go still.

Sad, very sad.

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