k9 Cognitive dysfunction syndrome

What is cognitive dysfunction syndrome? It is more or less the equivalent of human Alzheimers.

Lastnight Tilley was making her communication noises that she needed out. My husband got up and let her out; she peed and came back in. Once back in the bedroom she was restless; seeming like she needed out again. I was almost asleep when I heard her "need out" noise again so I hopped out of bed and took her downstairs. She went out; wandered around and I'm not quite sure if she did anything out there but she came back in. Once back in bed she acted the same again, she was restless once again and wanted out.

I thought that this was going to be one of those nights; an upset stomach and no sleep for me so I opened up the dog door and went back to bed. I hadn't slept well Sunday night and needed to sleep; to me this was the best option for that. I knew she might be upset being left out of the bedroom but if she was going to be up all night we didn't both have to be. We ended up both being awake most of the night anyway. The dog door is beneath our bedroom so with Tilley going in and out; I heard every swing of it.

We have been seeing some changes in her lately; behavior changes. She has several times now seem to be lost outside, not remembering that there is a dog door to come back in. There have been a few days of restless wandering; she seems to have a purpose of some sort but I can't figure it out. So I wondered do dogs get Alzheimers? Yep, their form is called Cognitive dysfunction syndrome and the symptoms are basically senility.

This article explains it pretty well. I am not positive that this is what is going on but it would sure explain alot of it. It is a sad thing for dogs just like people; they can come to not recognize their family and surroundings which can be very scarey. Time will tell but for now I'm keeping a close eye on my little wanderer.

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