So lastnight I woke up several times to the glorious smell of skunk. Not something I'm accustom to smelling here in Southern California; Canada yes. I have one of the worst skunk stories ever from when we lived in Carp, Ontario. It is bad; really bad and not something to talk about first thing in the morning, I don't want to ruin your breakfast so perhaps I will tell it some other time. But the smell lastnight was very strong and I was really hoping that it wasn't in our backyard. Upon waking up today, the smell is gone which is very good news.

Now onto the dogs; as you can see from the above image Tilley and Luke slept together lastnight, this is a first. They are not a touchy feely couple; if it was up to Luke I think they would be but Tilley is what I'd call a cold fish. She is not demonstrative with Luke and after 8.5 years of living with him still has him thinking that she can just tolerate him but I know better. The only times the dogs really lay together is on the kitchen bed which is huge. Everyone wants to be in the kitchen with us so they all lay on the bed.

Jessie and Luke tend to sleep together because Jessie loves using him as a giant snuggle bear. But Luke has issues about who sleeps where and what of his gets touched. He does not like having either one of them step on or touch his feet and will normally get up and move elsewhere if they do. But it is his nighttime sleep that is sacred; he has his bed or should I say two beds, Tilley has hers and Jessie her own as well. There is no sharing of beds at night.

I'm thinking that it was Tilley who trespassed lastnight; Luke would not have joined her on the bed. The bed they are on is where Luke sleeps everynight so she at some point in the night joined him. Maybe she was chilly and wanted the extra warmth of him beside her; although it was not cold lastnight. She did have a stressful day at the vets yesterday and she was extremely tired lastnight. She actually growled at both Luke and Jessie when they approached her on a bed in the familyroom. She made it quite clear that she was not in the mood to be bugged.

But as I wrote yesterday her confusion of late; perhaps she was simply confused. Well, for whatever reason she was there this morning and it was very cute to see them together.

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