Are you listening

Dinner was late tonight for the dogs; which is fine because I don't like to keep a set schedule so that they cannot veer from the norm easily. I like the dogs to be flexible and not panicked if they don't eat by say five. So it was about 8 and I got out the frozen raw turkey; it needed to be in the micro about 6 min. on thaw. Yep, should have taken it out in the morning but I had a crazy busy day today. So it was a bit of a wait for them; they know as soon as I am preparing.

Tilley took up the slip stopping rug I bought for Luke, right at the kitchen door. There she sat like a statue, not flinching. The turkey was in for 3 min. and then had to go another round. I set the timer for three minutes and head upstairs to see what my daughters were up to. They were discussing the new fish that one of my daughters and I had gone to get today, names, types etc. when I felt a poke. I knew immediately who it was and what she wanted.

It was Tilley and she was there to tell me that the meat was done and that I should get downstairs and get feeding. I said "yes Tilley I know," and then came the second poke; she was obviously very hungry tonight after her big run with Dad this morning. "Okay, okay I'm coming," downstairs and into the kitchen with three dogs herding me there. Jessie started her jumping the minute she entered the kitchen and continued through the preparations.

Raw turkey with crushed bone, brown rice, vitamins, probiotics and cranberry D-mannose for Tilley. Yep Jessie is still jumping for her dinner at this point, she is very enthusiastic. Everyone has their place and turn; Jessie first by the stove, Tilley second by the fridge and last but not least is Luke, by the coffee pot. Everyone is patient, everyone waits their turn.

Sometimes our lives are just too busy; sometimes a good poke is all we need to keep us on track. Tilley often reminds me that I need to stay focused, she always has. When she has something to say, she does and I am always listening are you?

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