Give and take

Good Saturday morning, it's overcast with a cool breeze which is very nice indeed. Laying in bed early in the morning and into the not so early; surrounded by our dogs is the good stuff. Jessie is once again between my legs, Luke is curled up next to my husband and Tilley is still in bed. Who enjoys this scenario more? Both.

Spending quality time with your dog does not have to mean hiking for miles, training or doing a particular sport. It can simply be the special moments when you are enjoying each others company. How many articles have been written about how good dogs are for you? Touching a dog and connecting takes all the stress out of a day. I know from personal experience that there are somedays I come home and just need a hug; a dog hug. I will go into the livingroom and lay on the floor; the troops follow suit. There we lay enjoying and drawing from each other.

How much joy do we take from seeing our dogs happy; for me it is priceless.

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