Bug hunt'n

The dogs had a blast lastnight; we have June bugs. Along with the gloomy weather of June; hence the name June gloom we get the bugs of month. The June bugs here are half the size of the ones back home, I'm not joking. These guys are tiny here but they still work to entertain the troops. While watching "So you think you can dance" lastnight we had an intruder. It zipped around the ceiling fan for a while and then was torpedoed into a wall; that's when I let the hounds know.

"BUG"............This announcement gets everyone up and running. Luke especially; and once he gets going everyone is on fire. The hunt is on; we have dogs diving everywhere and me ducking for my life. I hate when June bugs land on your head and I do my best to swat them away from me. This and my occasional shriek sends Luke into a defensive frenzy.

It doesn't matter where the bug goes; the poodles are after it. And with the poodles barking and diving everywhere of course Jessie is trying to control matters which doesn't happen; leaving her feeling like she needs to get tougher. Each time Luke runs past her she hurls herself at him trying to calm him down; doesn't work. Finally we tell her to go laydown and she begrudgingly does; with her held slung low she sluffs off to the corner.

The bug lastnight lost us for a while; taking some downtime in the plant by the sofa but it wasn't long until he was up and going again. The poodles were ready this time and when it came into leaping range Tilley made an almighty jump but missed. It charged past the couch and Luke was on it jumping over the couch, hitting the back rebounding right back into action. Everyone stood frozen; where was the bug?

It was nearly a full minute that the poodles stood waiting for the word. I always find it for them and they are patiently anticipating the bug localation. "There it is!" and the dogs are scrambling to discover where "there" is. Laying on the floor in the middle of the room laid the bug; you would think just laying there it would loose it's appeal, nope. Luke takes one mighty dive and gobbles it down, game over.

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  1. ROFLMAO I am sooooo glad that Emma is happy just playing with her toys!


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