Dog bowls

I'm in the market for some new dog bowls. Over the past 30 years I've bought alot of bowls for my dogs; some I've loved, some were a big mistake. The very best bowl that you can buy for your dog is a high quality stainless steel. Ceramic are good but you know what happens when you drop a ceramic bowl. And if you go with plastic bowls then your safe when you drop them but plastic holds much bacteria on it and dogs can also chew them up. I'm all for stainless but it has to be a good heavy weight stainless. So buying a good stainless steel bowl seems easy enough right? Wrong.

When you search for a stainless bowl you will find a vast difference in prices. Some are just out there to rip you off just like anything else but often the price goes with the quality of stainless. I've had stainless bowls that rusted; this left me wondering about the whole stainless thing. So I looked into it; the numbers are what you need to know, how much chromium and how much nickel is really in the stainless steel.

18/10 means that 18% is chromium and 10% is nickel. The higher the nickel content, the more resistent to damage the product has from corrosion. Often stainless is 18/0meaning that the nickel content is 0% and likely to rust, this is the cheap stuff. Manufacturers regularly hide the content percentage and go on the "STAINLESS" tag upfront, this is to fool you into assuming all stainless is the same. Make sure you read the small print when buying a dog bowl; you may as well get a good one. If you buy a good stainless bowl it can last a lifetime.

The other consideration is the slip factor. I know I would hate it if my plate was moving all around making a ton of noise when I was trying to eat; as do my dogs I'm sure. So I like to have a rubber bottom of some kind. I've found a good one in Jessie's bowl, tiny little feet on the bottom that hold up to the dishwasher. The poodles have a rubber ring around their bowls that have not held up. So that is why I'm looking for new bowls.

I stumbled onto an amazing bowl company the otherday; and I will be purchasing several of their bowls. Some of the varieties are pricey but the ones I'm looking at seem to be both practical and nice looking. I will let you know what I think after I get them and try them out.

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