Expanding on a thing that bugs me

Yesterday I stated having to explain that I have to do the holding of my dogs at the vet is a big bugger for me. One of the main reasons that it bothers me so much is that I have to do it each and everytime I visit the vet. Yes they know me; but they always seem to forget this small thing about me. The last time I went to the vet it was with Tilley, she had to have a needle stuck into her bladder to draw some sterile urine (yes, ouch). Tilley is a champ, not a flinch, not even the smallest movement do I feel from her which amazes me.

When we discuss a procedure that needs to be done like this one to Tilley, they always reach out for the leash. That is when I take a big breath and begin, once again. "I have to be with her, bring the stuff in the room and I'll hold her." I explain that we have had several very bad experiences, and I must remain with my dogs. They are much happier at ease if I do the holding. The sad thing is that this makes me look sort of a crazy instead of the caring guardian that I am. I get alot of rolling eyes, more "I'll ask," than I'd like to hear and lots of discussion behind my door.

I understand that there are not alot of people who do not want to hold their dog while a procedure is done but is it really that tough to understand why my dog will be more comfortable with me doing the holding? I mean dogs work like this;

sidenote: as I wrtie this Luke's tail
is wagging madly as he dreams, very cute.

when a dog is upset, scared or anxious and you hold them tightly so that they cannot move, more panic. Thus creating a cycle of panic; some dogs are fine with being held by a stranger, MOST ARE NOT. Why do vet offices not get this, this is a very simple fact to get. I would no more want a person to come up to me and squeeze me very tight, not letting me go when I wanted release than my dog does. So why do I get the "crazy lady" treatment when I need to be there for my dogs?

Even Jessie who is very people friendly, very non skittish will panic when some stranger tries to wrap her up and hold her tight. It is much less scarey if Mom holds her. With the latest episode with Tilley; the vet asked me several times if I was sure that I was not going to faint...................uh yep, I'm sure. I explained that we have done this many times, I'm not the squimish type. He finally agreed.

Times are changing in this world, everything is changing and so should a guardians participation in the care of their dog if they desire. If you do not want anything to do with participating in the care of your dog, then that is your prerogative. You should be allowed to hand off your dog to the vet techs and wait in the waiting room. But if you want to be there for your dog, holding and just plain being involved you should not have to go through a whole schpeel everytime.

Would you have your child taken away from you and brought behind close doors for a simple procedure? I think not.

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  1. I agree it is better for you to stay with your dogs when they have to have a simple procedure. Good for you insisting on staying with your animals.


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