Things that bug me

How cute is this little guy? That's my finger in the picture.

It's around the corner and I'm not happy about it. The heat, the summer heat in all of it's blazing glory, I am not a fan. My perfect weather is somewhere around the low 70s but it'll heat up here into the high 80s and 90s very soon. This means several things but one big one is that I have to get the dogs out early, sometimes before 8 or it's just too hot to enjoy. But while we have some nice June gloom still I will take advantage and enjoy.

The heat bugs me but there are other things that bug me as well;

My top 10 dog related "things that bug me" list.

People who walk their dog in the really hot heat.

People who use choke collars and extension leashes.

Non dog friendly places.

That I can't take the dogs on the beach where we are surrounded by beach.

Mean people/mean dogs.

People who DO NOT pick up after their dogs; it takes but one to ruin it for everyone else. Or worse, the ones that pretend not to notice that their dog is taking a crap.

Humans that treat dogs like little dolls and don't let them be dogs.

Having to explain why I should hold my dog at the vets instead of the tech, everytime I go to the vet.

That's my top 10 for 6:00 am Wed. June 3rd 2009. Believe me there are lots more but that's all my sleepy brain can think of at the moment. Now to finish my coffee and get these lazy butts out for a run. Have a great day.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    Interesting list! We use choke collars and flexi's when we travel all the time. That way the dogs can stretch their legs, yet still be safe (no collar coming off if they get scared). The only risk would be if the flexi got out of your hands...but when we use them, we have a hand on the line and on the handle.

    Cheers, Kim


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