Sunday family portrait day

This is one of my favorite shots of Luke, caught when he was enjoying the afternoon sun beam.

It's late; another great sleep in. Luke joined us early this morning rubbing his head on me and being generally adorable. Seeing the dogs enjoying sleeping in as much as we do is great; little Jessie flopping around the bed rubbing her head and stretching out her little short arms, too cute. None of the dogs have any intention of moving or getting up anytime soon; but today I'm going to try to get some nice canine family portraits.

As you all know I do not like a posed shot; infact I hate them. Although there are sometimes when even the biggest hater of a posed shot needs to get a dogs attention. Many dogs like my own Luke will do everything in their power to NOT look at me nor look even in my general vicinity. Patience is what you need for these type guys and in the end patience always pays off with "a look."

I've shot several of these type guys lately; not willing to even give me a second glance and I have discovered that the greyhounds are very hard to impress. With all of the crazy sounds I make; yes people think I'm nuts, I don't get even an ear raise out of the greyhounds so I've been working on my sounds and experimenting. Most dogs are pretty easy to get something out of and sometimes it is the nothing that you get that is the best shot. But being a dog photographer you have to know you body language; otherwise you can get an awful shot.

A slight turn of an ear, head posture or tail position can make the difference between a fabulous and awful shot. Working for that great shot is a ton of work and I love it.

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