Big heart small body

Good Monday morning all; yesterday evening I was taking some photos of my dogs. They were placed in a patio type area together so that I could get some "family" type shots. All three dogs were just sort of hanging out. Luke did try to wander outside of the boundary area as was quickly replaced. Tilley of course was like a statue and Jessie was just doing what she had to. Once done I released the dogs and you would have thought by Luke's behavior that he had been confined for a month. He shot like a bullet and he was off.

It was obvious to the dogs and me that he was in supercharge mode and going to lapse immediately into a zoom. He first charged Tilley who surprising was into it. They brawled for a while; pretty good for a 12 year old gal. And when Luke was in full swing Jessie decided that enough was enough. I've never been able to capture Jessie hurling her little body at Luke; it usually happens at the most spontaneous moments and not something I can normally set up. But here it was and I had my camera.

After shooting Tilley and Luke playing I got some great behavior shots of Jessie trying to tell Luke and Luke trying very hard to be top dog. Even though he tries; he still ducks out of the way when she comes a fly'n. Jessie has a whole lot of attitude; lots of heart in this little girl. At 13 she has been the reigning matriarch since she came into our lives and the age of 12 weeks and quickly established her position with my then 9 year old male Clyde.

Although Jessie is the boss she does need help from me which is very important. I'm not going to stand back and let them have at it; this is never a good idea. Luke has been trying for top dog status for years now but being the doofus he is; there is not way I'm letting him take on the role. In the above images you can see Luke on his tippy toes; a position that he regular assumes and you can see Jessie ignoring his attempts. But it takes but one small poke from me to deflate him.

And in the end Jessie and Luke sniff the ground together; dogs that sniff together stay together.

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