The heart of a canine

The heart of a canine is wonderful thing. How often do we hear stories about a dog saving their person? Or the recent story on the news of a dog literally dragging another dog off of the freeway who had been hit by a car ? Dogs come into our life and often alter our whole being; what we once thought of as our everyday existence forever changed. But the canine heart fills the little cracks, not every action is monumentous.

Just lastnight we went out to get some Yogurtland; and when we returned the dogs were fired up. Not sure what caused the burst of energy; not an hour before we had all gone on a big walk. Perhaps they knew that my return meant mealtime. But for whatever reason they were all running around like crazy and Luke decided to hassle the boss. Before Luke can even finish his thought Jessie is retaliating with a full airborne assault; she does not tolerate nonsense especially when directed at her. She makes me smile; all 15 pounds of her enforcing power.

A dog's brain may be complicated but their heart is simple. The canine heart belongs to us and ours to them; and there is nothing more uncomplicated than enjoying each others company. They live to be with us; no matter if we are playing a retrieving game, hiking, working or just sitting watching the sunset, they are by our side. They wait patiently for us to return home each and everytime we leave and are ready at a moments notice for anything we might want to do with them.

As I move about my daily routine I am constantly aware that I have several silent partners. The act of a moving pack is inspiring and touching on a human level, for dogs it is what they do, move with the pack. Even during a deep sleep they will glance up with an intense gaze ensuring that you are still close, this look alone can fill a heart. Our dogs take on the role of guardian; both of our person and home and at this they are steadfast.

Truly; there is nothing to compare to the connection we have with a dog. Whether you have one dog or 7 dogs; the connection is available with all. Within each dog lies an individual waiting to bridge with a human; once that happens their heart is yours and yours theirs. And even a once broken heart; tossed aside by an irrelevant human going mindlessly through life; the second hand dog will not give up. Given half the chance this forgotten dog will try again putting their past in the past and moving on to fill a new heart; their guardian, you.

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