Friday, this and that

Good Friday morning; love Fridays. I'm planning the day ahead of me and looking at my two very furry poodles. Hmmm, to clip or not to clip today. I think I need to get up and get going before I decide, it is a big task to shave them down and have them look good. A complete utility job is easy but it is all the nip and tucking after the initial trim that takes most of the time. I am not one to fuss over a haircut but they have to look at least presentable.

It was really hot yesterday and I didn't get the poodles out; they'll be out today as soon as I get going. All the dogs were crashed yesterday and when I got back from running errands not one left the comforts of my room. After about 20 min. Jessie wandered down to the kitchen to see what was up and the poodles never got up. The dogs are very accustom to my comings and goings; I don't like to stay out too long so I'm sort of in and out all day if it is a big errand day. As they get older they are less likely to get up for small things, it is different having older dogs.

Lastnight after the dogs ate Luke was fired up; he had that look in his eye and was being very pushy with the girls. He wanted a good romp and unfortunately Tilley is not the one for the job anymore. She tries to play a bit, she returned his play bows, did her mock charges and that's about it. Luke was left with a ton of energy and no one to release it on; after a while we needed to knock him down a few notches as he was not letting up on the poor girl. He needs a young'n to romp around with.

And while all this nonsense was going on; you know who was supervising...........Jessie. She was right in the middle deciding what was allowed and what was not allowed, mostly nothing is allowed. And then she got her walking papers so that the poodles could have a little fun. Tilley use to be able to beat the crap out of Luke, not anymore. Luke is a big body slammer so we have to stop that as well; Tilley is far to easy to knock over now to withstand a full on Luke slam.

Have a great weekend, we'll be chill'n

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