Hot dogs

It's been hot for over a week now and the dogs behavior reflects the temperatures. I try to get them out before 9 otherwise it's just too hot for all of us. The dogs cannot run and enjoy themselves when the sun is beaming and the temps are rising. Tilley suffers the most with being dark gray, Jessie the least of course because she is white and loves the heat. I think back when Jessie use to be trudging across the backyard in Canada; up to her back through the snow, it never seemed to bother her but seeing her bake herself in the heat makes me think that she is not a snow bunny.

There is alot of flopping that goes on in this heat; Luke tends to lay on my bed with his front legs hanging far enough over that it looks like he might just slide off. Tilley goes from inside to outside alot; she can be seen rolling around on the grass in the sun then back inside with all her grass to crash in the AC. Jessie does the same; alot of back and forth. Although she loves the heat she does get overheated and makes a break for the shade or inside.

The shots above were taken in the late afternoon Friday. Tilley enjoying a good roll in the grass with a quick sun soak; Jessie literally baking herself on the hot surface in the sun and Luke who missed the boat going outside and going to complain about it. Luke is looking out the kitchen door; his mouth is open just before barking his complaint to me. He cannot tolerate too much time spent inside if I am out.

Jessie is sleeping really sound now at over 13 years of age. But she is still my shadow when she's awake; both Luke and Jessie are shadow dogs, Tilley is good with a quick check in every so often. If Luke and Jessie have somehow missed where I moved to they get a little panicky and you can hear their footsteps pick up speed until they finally locate me. Jessie remains pretty calm but worried when she can't find me; Luke gets crazed the longer he cannot find me and I will often hear his feet skidding around corners until he has discovered my whereabouts and then he plays it cool like he wasn't going crazy trying to find me. But he quickly lays beside me keeping one eye on me at all times.

The sunny days of summer are great when the temperatures are not too high; whent hey are get out and enjoy the early hours or the great summer evening ones with your pooch.

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