Root of the cause

Drugs, antibiotics and more drugs................this seems to be the trend of many doctors and vets alike. The more I hear of dogs being given antibiotic after antibiotic the more I shutter. Yes there is a time and a place when antibiotics are very much needed and I am not down on them; what I am down on is the overuse of them in the medical profession. There are some people who the minute they are sick want antibiotics. They don't give a hoot if they are not going to help them; they just want them because they are sick. But if you do some research you soon find out that they may be doing more harm than good.

Within the last couple of years I have had some medical issues of my own. With many many trips to the doctors I was given the same instructions that anyone else with similar problems was given; take this. Then when it wasn't helping I was given a stronger dose of basically the samething. I was told the exact same thing as everyone else and it wasn't working. Becoming fed up with the doctors treating me as a part on an assembly line I took things into my own hands and I am happy to say I am feeling much better.

Now as far as I am concerned the same goes for our dogs. No two dogs are alike; cortisone, predisone and antibiotics are freely given by many vets. There is no searching into the root cause; and many times these drugs are merely a bandaid giving no real healing benefits. And if they are given medications often they can harm a dogs natural immune system.

As with anything in my life; research is the way to go, that is IMHO.

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