Having been home now for 2 days since visiting the beautiful city of Victoria BC the dogs are settling down somewhat. It takes them few days to realize that we are not leaving again. When we did arrive home late Wednesday evening they went crazy. Tilley was smiling, Jessie was doing her tiny horse routine, trotting around with a toy in her mouth and Luke.......................well Luke was going ape. He was spinning, jumping, huffing and biting my hair. Hair biting is reserved for the big greetings or for when he is in an exceptionally excited mood.

Although we got the big parade greeting when we got home from our trip; we often get nothing now. Luke will be 9 in two weeks, Tilley is 12 and Jessie 13 so sometimes no one comes to the door. Jessie's hearing is not what it use to be so many times she simply doesn't hear us. Tilley finds it harder to get up so although she may know we are home; it's alot of work to get up and greet us. And Luke is just plain lazy sometimes; waiting for us to come and greet him.

They are a funny bunch and there is nothing like coming home to your dogs.

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