So deep

It's a deep sleep; so deep that one does not easily awake from. Jessie is sleeping sound; I mean so sound that when I shook her lastnight it only added to her dream. I quickly removed my hand and called her; and then called her louder. It took her a long while to react; this is deep. This is not the type of sleep that younger dogs have; this of very deep sleep is reserved for the golden years. And well deserved I might add. Our dogs are always on guard; okay maybe your dogs are not, some dogs just do not have a guarding instinct at all, nada.

It has always amazed me how a dog can be completely asleep and up and running in a mere second. Can we do that; nope. There have been many times when I've heard something at night; flown out of bed and I'm going but my senses are not all with me at that point. I more than likely stumbled several times, may have even ran into a wall as well. We are just not capable of instant action like our dogs.

There have been many changes in our home as of late. This deep state of relaxation is one; another is that Tilley has taken up sleeping at the front door throughout the day. It is odd; she has only lay there a couple of times in two years but now it seems to be a regular spot. I was trying to figure it out yesterday and the only reason I can come up with is that she is not hearing as well. There are times when I come home now that both Jessie and Tilley don't hear me come in. This is another strange change in a house where the dogs typically explode at the smallest of door sounds.

I think laying at the front door; Tilley is hoping to not miss anything. It is a great spot; you can see almost everything from the vantage point, or at least anything that matters. Like anything else in life you have to roll with the changes; I don't like to see my dogs age but I do enjoy watching them enjoy the small things like enjoying a great sunbeam in the afternoon. Or having them all dreaming on my bed; that is a little piece of heaven.

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