As years go by

I had the girls out for their walk yesterday morning; we went early as the temperatures were to hit in the 100s. By 8:30 it was already in the 80s and well into the 90s when we got back home. A half of our walk is in the shade which is really nice; especially because Tilley was really really slow. As we made our way around the park Tilley lagged about 25 feet behind Jessie and I. Jessie was on her extension leash; she was jetting in every direction with the energy of a two year old.

I cut our walk short and we head back. On the way back we ran into a nice couple; they immediately asked if "that one," meaning Tilley was old? Yep she is 12.5 years; then came the customary "awwwwwwwwwww" as they gently pet Tilley and commented on her beautiful collar. I piped in "this one" meaning Jessie is 13.5 years old.................................................what? They were shocked; even though Jessie is a small dog she is amazing looking for her age. Without knowing that she is missing the pigment that she use to have you can't tell how old she is.

We got back home and the gang happily chowed down some raw beef for breakfast. Then in was into the a/c and sleeptime. It's not just me that feels the heat; the dogs definitely slow down in this kind of hit. Can't wait till its over.

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