The legacy of a lift

Not all boys lift; many people say that they wish their boy lifted but doesn't. The usual reason for a lift is to mark; not just to pee. Luke is a very good example of one who lifts to mark. He never lifts in the backyard; unless of course there has been another male in his yard and he is forced to remark his territory. Other than that he doesn't lift at home; he just sort of stands there. Sometimes he bends slightly but normally; he just lets r rip.

When we go for walks anywhere; he lifts. He lifts all over the place and he does the tiptoe lifting. "Look how big I am dude." Unfortunately Luke is one of the worst aimers and stoppers. He tends to start running off even before he has stopped peeing. Of course this results in the leg stains, nice. And he often contorts himself into strange positions and ends up peeing on his legs rather than his target. He has even peed on Jessie's head several times.

Luke pees after the girls pee; he usually waits for them to go and then by peeing on their pee lets any rogue boys in the yard know that these girls are his girls. He gets rather panicky about it and hence Jessie has been peed on. But it is not only the boys that mark or lift for that matter. Jessie marks and she lifts. I have seen her back up a tree as high as she can to go. She marks like a male on a walk and by end she is going through the process but nothig is coming out. She also like to do the kick display; check this out everyone. And I often have to tug on her when she kicks dirt in my face. But she loves it and I let her do it whenever it is an okay spot to do so. She can really get goin too; I've seen her go for a good 10-12 feet kicking and backing up.

So there you have some fun facts about peeing. Happy Saturday

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  1. Ha ha! They are all a bit funny. Some of my Sheltie girls are walkers. Not great when they have an accident in the house and there is a 10 foot trail!

    Today it is pouring rain and the Poodles don't think they need to pee!



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