Busy Sunday

I had a busy day today and yesterday; but very nice for sure. The dogs had a mellow weekend; yesterday the girls went out for their walk nice and early and then I took Luke for a good long run. This is the walking configuration most of the time now unless everyone gets to go out alone; which I do try to do every once in a while. It is good for everyone to have the special treatment of alone time now and again; even seniors.

So we've had cats in the yard the last few days. I had a good startle the other morning as I went to fill the bird feeders and saw a black cat sitting there very guilty like. It took me but a second to realize that the cat was there for the birds; and didn't care that over a short 3' fence lived three dogs. We love feeding the birds; the sound of birds chirping is never a bad sound and I love waking up to them in the morning especially. So; I had to get rid of the cat.

I tried shoooing it away but it came back; then another cat sat in the exact spot waiting for the birds. Hmmmmmm; cats don't like water right? No they don't. So while I try to convince these cats that there is no dinner in this yard; my dogs are trying their hardest as well. The cats have now walked past the back patio door resulting in all three dogs flying out the door in a flurry of thunder like growling and barking. Then this morning one stupidly walked right smack dab into the yard as the dogs were still in their ritual of morning stretching. Luke flew into action in a flash and the cat made a run for it clearing the fence only inches ahead of Luke. Now Luke has decided that this is his job; he must keep the yard clear of the rogue cats. Fine with me.

The cats have tons of places to run and escape and if they are foolish enough to think that coming into our very canine yard; my dogs will show them otherwise. Hey; I don't have cats for a reason.

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