Cooler weather and look'n great

I am not the only one who enjoys the cooler weather; early this a.m. I took Jessie out for her walk. Neither of the poodles were up so it was just Jessie and I. I noticed as soon as we exited the front door; Jessie charged out and turned to wait for me. We have a routine that we follow; each is different for each dog. Jessie's rule is that she goes out the front door then waits for me to hoist her up. I don't want this little trigger happy gal anywhere near the road. She happily waits for me and then gives her little lift off into my arms. Once at the school she was like a little torpedo this morning; jetting off in all directions on her extension leash. She was in a very good mood.

I have to say that she is looking really great these days; having been on her cut back diet for many months now and getting fitter by the day she looks like a Jack Russell 10 years under her actual 13.5 years. She only slowed at the very end of her walk today and even being on her extension leash I had to keep up with her by speed walking. I had sort of fallen off to walking slow because Jessie has been walking with Tilley lately; but this morning I had to pick it up being that we left Tilley in behind in bed still.

It makes me smile watching the energy that this little old gal has. She has a zest for life and it shows. She just can't get enough scent; she loves smelling all of her peemails and scent tracks that the critters leave specifically for her. This is when an extension leash is at it's best; Jessie feels like she is off leash without her being off leash. Jessie off leash is not a great idea; not that she is not obedient but she triggers so easily that I have to protect her from her own drive. Her drive to charge after anything and everything that moves.

Jessie is happy and contented for the day now; I must move onto the poodles. Have a great week all.

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