Heat'n up

Its really hot out; so I think I'll be skipping my gym workout and get the dogs out early, really early. I was thinking about a poor husky I saw the other day as I was driving home. It's owner was out for a jog and decided that his dog should go as well; in the 90 degree weather and he is a Siberian Husky? Hmmmmmmmm..............makes ones ponder doesn't it? People just don't seem to get it; it is too hot to run dogs when it is 90, even when it's in the 80s its too hot to run dogs.

Yesterday as I came out of the grocers you could just feel the heat coming out of the pavement; it was so hot down beneath my feet that I it must make it at least 10 degrees hotter. Even in my own backyard where we have a very large concrete patio; which is very light colored, almost white it's hot. I cannot stand on it in my bare feet for more than 10 seconds before I have to run for shade.

Dogs react; they work on the action/reaction method of behavior. But we as humans are suppose to think first right? So think before taking your dog out into the heat; they cannot tell you in words that they are about to pass out. But if you are watching their body will tell you that.

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  1. Did you ever see the documentary "After Man" that pointed out that by adding more and more cement surfaces, we are heating our environment more?


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