Luke and trouble

Luke got in trouble yesterday; this is a very rare occasion of course because my dogs are all old and very well behaved. Although you would never in a million years guess that Luke is over 2 because he is such a crazy guy. Anyway; he didn't get in big trouble and he didn't do anything really bad but he didn't listen to me. So as a result he was scolded for not listening; again not hugely but Luke does NOT like to get into trouble and will always stay in the background hoping not to do anything wrong if the girls are acting up.

Yesterday afternoon in the extreme heat he found a lizard in the wood pile. The last one he found in there he killed so wanting to save the little guy I called Luke into the house with me. He immediately ran through the kitchen, down into the familyroom and out the dog door. Hmmmmm, he's a smarty. So out I go and round him up again making quite sure that he knows what I mean this time.

We go upstairs to the computer where I tell him to laydown and stay which he does. Before too long I'm pretty involved in what I'm doing and look around to see that Luke is gone. My bad; I wasn't paying attention. So down I go and I'm going to make a point; I need to use startle tactics and bluster. Booming out the door and clapping my hands Luke knows immediately that I mean business. He runs to the door while keeping a close eye on the wood pile; at this point it is instinct vs. survival. Survival wins of course; like I said, he's a smart boy. Even with such a distraction it is very important to follow through; you cannot let it slide. Especially with a dog like Luke; one who has a dominant personality, you must follow through.

So upstairs we go again; I tell him to laydown and stay, which he does. He also knows as this point that there are no options but to lay there. I keep a close eye on his position. Then an hour later we both go outside and I downplay the whole lizard in the wood issue trying to help him get over his obsession. It works and he is soon over the lizard zone. Now because he got into trouble he is doing his best to be adorable. He is not leaving my side and wants constant eye contact. As I sit on the couch at the end of the day to put my feet up for a few he is there by my side and he is not going anywhere anytime soon. He is adorable.

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