Leave it

Lastnight as I was doing my guard duty during the dogs dinner I was happily surprised to see Luke eating. But as he came to the last few bites his interest was waning as usual. Jessie was standing by and as she took a step too close Luke let out a deep but very low volume growl. This sent Jessie's head flying in the opposite direction. Although she would love nothing more than to eat his food; she's not stupid.

Luke ate a couple more mouthfuls and moved off. Because Jessie had had enough to eat already I told her to "leave it." She gave me that "I don't know if I can leave it" look. I saw this as a good refresher course because I wasn't feeling like getting up and moving the bowl at that very moment. I left it sitting there and kept one eye on Jessie. This is great training practice and if anyone needs leave it training it is Jessie.

So there I sat on my lounge outside with one eye glued on Luke's leftovers. She was a mere 3 inches from the bowl; very tough at this range. But we've done this hundreds of times and I know she can do it. Luke came and jumped onto the lounge with me which opened up the "she's not watching" though in Jessie's head. As she took her one sneaky step I reminded her with an Ahh and she froze. Then I got up and wandered around; keeping one eye on the bowl.

I will never stop being amazed by this activity; she could easily take the food that is inches from her face but I (the boss) have told her not to. Truly amazing.

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