Vacations over

Well I've been official off since the 23rd; and had a relaxing and much needed time off. Now it's Monday after the fun and time to get back at it; and my main focus is of course dogs. I've got a huge array of things on my plate; books to finish writing, photos to capture for my many coffee table books I'm working on, and several new endeavors I'm just getting started. Life is like a puzzle and fitting all the pieces together can be a challenge; sometimes feeling like you are working against a clock.

After a vacation your mind seems more at ease with taking on new tasks and it is clearer to see what things are important and what things can fall by the wayside. Dogs being just about everything in my life I plan on working on my website; adding new information to help canine guardians. The one book that I really want to get finished is my training book; it has been in the works for several years and has been pushed aside by other commitments. So that book will take at least #2 status as of now.

Have a great week and I must get to the gym.

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