Mall dogs

I was at the Mall on the weekend; I was there looking for something very specific so you could say I was on a mission. I was not window shopping or leisurely strolling down the walkways; so when I passed the "dog store" I didn't bat an eye. Do you know how hard it is to not look? Although not looking is the best thing for someone like me because if I look I may open my mouth.

I have once walked into this store; once in I very loudly walked around saying "this puppy looks sick." The young people working there; their eyes darting back and forth to one another didn't know what to do. This was alongtime ago and by now I'm sure they have been educated on what to do when a radical enters the store. Imagine being called a radical because you don't agree with the horrific places that these dogs comes from?

Not only are these stores selling puppies and kittens they ask outrageous prices for everything in the store. They don't carry the good stuff; you know the food that is actually good for your dogs? They don't care if their products are good or not; just that you cough up your hard earned money for them.

I honestly don't know how people can still do it; walk in these pet stores and pretend like they haven't heard; they don't know. How can anyone not know not that Oprah and all the big news shows have spilled the dirty little secret of the millers and the pet stores? Everyone knows and shame on the ones who are still going in and fueling these disgusting places.

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