Luke's Birthday

Luke's birthday video

It was Luke's birthday yesterday; I cannot believe he turned 9, where the heck has time gone? Honestly time flies by so fast doesn't it? And we all know that the older you get the faster it goes whizzing by. Our morning was spent moving one of our daughters down to San Diego but that was done nice and early and we were back home before you know it. We wanted to do something special for Luke but what do you that is special when everyday is pretty much a special one with your dogs?

We stopped at Steinmart to get Luke a new toy; although we bought three. Dogs don't understand the birthday thing so everyone gets to celebrate for each others birthday. My husband wanted to see if he could get some shortbread at TJs for Luke; we realized at Christmas time just how much he loves it. But I reminded him that we had just recently discovered Luke's love for Maple cookies as well. We had those at home so we headed there.

Presents are a big deal in our house and we always like to make it a big event. First the bag of toys goes into the kitchen to have the tags removed; then back into the bag for gift giving. "What did we buy?" is the cue word for fact that there are presents. This alone sends all the dogs into overdrive; especially Luke. My husband did the honors and I taped the proceedings. Luke got his first because it was his birthday but normally it is always the same delivery order; Jessie, Tilley then Luke.

My husband had chosen a toy that he knew Luke loved; although Luke loves all toys and the one goal is to get the squeaker out destryong the sound effects. It is strange because he loves squeaking the darn things. Once they all had their toys and had enjoyed them for a bit it was cookie time; which was also great for all the dogs.

Celebrating a dogs birthday is for us; they don't know it's their birthday but in todays world isn't it great to have spent 9 happy years with your dog? Something I say should most definitely be celebrated.

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