Thank goodness for crates

I love crates; anyone who knows me knows this fact. Having dogs and crates is a wonderful thing; especially times like lastnight. Although all of my dogs are out of crates at a young age Jessie has been returned to her crate for nighttime sleeping. She loves her crate and stands at the door waiting to be let in at night. To her it is her own private little den that the poodles cannot use. And lastnight I was really happy she was in there as I was awoke to the familiar slosh of puking.

Any dog guardian knows the sound; it's not a good one but we know it. Out of bed to see what's going on and barely awake Jessie is standing there with her puke face on. I let her out of the crate; pull the blanket containing the vomit and replace it quickly with some old towels. I love having a patio door right off my bedroom; out goes the blanket, outside. Back to bed.

Just as I'm falling asleep SLOSH again; out of bed, toss the towels, replace again and back to bed. This morning she is fine; charging around like nothing and wanting food. Who knows what she ate that she shouldn't have; thankfully her stomach knows when to toss the goods. I love crates; I don't mind hosing and washing towels, I do mind scrubbing puke out of carpets. Honestly; I hate carpet and these are all going very soon...............what a stupid invention.


  1. If this is the only reason to use crates or when maybe a dog is injured and needs rest, then yes, I'm for crates. But not when it's used as a place to "store" your pet while you're gone to have 12-13hrs at a time.
    Then it's cruelty. How do I stop my friend to use the crate in such a cruel manner? Help!!

  2. It is difficult to intervene with friends. You can try educating. Longer than 5-6 hours for an adult dog is cruel. And crates should only ever be used as a safe place to contain a dog for a short time. Maybe talk to them about doggy daycare; a great option these days.


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