Having fun together

My daughter and I took the dogs to the beach again yesterday. It was slightly overcast and breezy; the temperatures could have been cooler but I'll take what I can get. We hit the Montage beach which is a more quiet place to walk the dogs. The pathway down to the beach is simply breathtaking and you feel as though you are walking into a postcard as you reach the end where the beach ramp takes you down. There are several places to get down to the beach but we use the end one mostly.

Luke is chomping at the bit; Tilley is being her perfect self as we make our way through the beautifully crafted walkways. The ramp down to the beach is concrete and if it has been well used it will be covered with sand. Not a great combination to walk down with a sled dog leading the way. Yesterday it was clean but I am still careful not to be slid full speed down the ramp as Luke can barely contain his excitement. Once down the dogs transform; whether it is the feel of the sand between their toes, the sea breeze blowing through their ears or the many seabirds hovering just above head they are outwardly exhilarated.

After having some fun climbing rocks and running through the surf we sat on a stone wall and just took in the beauty. The dogs enjoy just sitting and looking as well; Luke spotted several birds exploring the shore and broke out into a whining frenzy. He does get himself into a tizzy; but quickly returns to normalcy once reminded that he is being rather idiotic and told in no uncertain terms to stop. We continued to watch the birds quietly.

In a quiet moment; enjoying one anothers company. These amazing moments are some of the simple things we can do with our dogs. Simple but very powerful; a connection of two species brought together to fuel so much enjoyment can neither be replicated nor denied. There is nothing like the companionship of a canine.

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