Good fun

I've been noticing of late that my old gal Tilley has had a new surge of youthful energy. I'm not sure what is the cause; but whatever the reason it is good to see her with a spring in her step. Yesterday we went to the park; the poodles and I. We met one of Luke's best friends there; it is so cute to see his reaction when he sees her. As a dog who is very demonstrative with his emotions; it is immediately apparent when he sees a familiar face. It can even be a familiar silhouette; often she is on the other side of the park which is some distance and he stills knows that it is her. As soon as he's sees another dog that he is familiar with his ears drop and the whining starts.

Tilley on the other hand is very reserved and distinguishing her recognition abilities is much more difficult. So we did the beginning of our walk with friends and after they left we enjoyed the park for playtime. Being that Tilley is up in years there isn't that much physical play that goes on anymore but like I said; lately she has had a resurgence of youth and Luke gets to benefit.

I brought my big camera with me to the park because of the fierce winds; I love capturing flying ears and hair. So while I was focusing my attention on shooting Tilley; Luke got silly with attempting to draw my attention his way. He grabbed a stick and tossed it around; "look how much fun this is over here." So after capturing the beauty of a senior we both went to join in Luke's stick fun. Tilley accompanied Luke in stick chewing and then I tossed a few to get the action going. It didn't take long and Luke was in full swing. The customary proceedings are as follows; Tilley has the stick and Luke wants it. He runs like a fool until he gets the stick and then we start over.

Both dogs seem to enjoy their part except that now Tilley is not the powerhouse she once was and can loose her footing more easily. This is the only part that she seems none so happy about with the whole game. I don't blame her; Luke tends to be a numbskull much of the time and barrels into whoever has the stick. We stayed at the park for a long while enjoying the open field, the wind and the cool breeze for a change. I am so glad I could capture some of the moments.

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