More off leash talk

Lastnight I had Luke at the park; this particular we are always onleash except for short moments if no one is around. Its pretty popular as it is a huge soccer field park so on the weekends and evenings there are kids everywhere. It was dusk and we were making our way around the path when I noticed a Mom who had her lab off leash tossing a ball with her chuck it. Being that the dog was off leash I assumed she was friendly. As we got closer her ears went up watching Luke as she retrieved her ball. I knew she was going to come and see Luke; her Mom did not. On her final retrieve she headed our way.

Her Mom was following close behind yelling to me that she was friendly. I already knew because the dog could not have been more obvious in her gushy friendliest in her approach. Luke knew as well as ran to meet her as I dropped his leash and they greeted excitedly. It was cute because they were the identical color of light blonde. He said a quick hello and we were on our way. Not all dogs are as friendly and even dogs off leash can be dogs that should not be off leash so you need to read body language.

As we made our way around several dogs made growly lunges at Luke; all smile mind you and now that I think of it all the dogs there lastnight were the same color, weird. Anyhow, you need to know how to read canine body language so that you can assess a situation in the making. Even on leash you need to read both dog and human language. I've walked up to people asking if their dog is friendly so that our dogs could play; but as I got closer it was obvious that the human had no intention of letting their very friendly dog play with my poodle deliquent. Their loss.

Watch, always watch.

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