Not much today

I don't have much to say today; one of those days. I've already walked Jessie; dremeled 12 feet and I'm heading to the beach with the poodles. This morning I was left shaking on my head once again on my walk as I watched two women yank away at their juvenille goldens by their choke chain. I've decided to make a bumper sticker that says "no chains around our dogs necks." Or something like that; you get my drift.

When you use a choke collar the whole premise around interacting with your dog changes. Instead of wondering hmmmmm how can I fix this behavior that I'm not liking; you just yank away in anger. It is all around us; quick fix scenarios. But a dogs neck should not be a quick fix with a chain...................

Gone to the beach..............................

Okay; I'm already back from the beach, freak'n hot down there already. Geesh will this weather let up? I hit Laguna beach this morning; typically beautiful and scenic but I did notice alot of "permanent" type resident homeless folks set up for the long haul. I've never seen such large "stations" where they keep their stuff. 20'x20' areas with umbrellas, chairs, sleeping bags, dogs (which Luke found under one), you name it they've got it. Perhaps they are saving up for the not as great winter weather.

Well; it is Friday so have a great weekend all.

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