Over vaccinating

The vaccination debate is a biggy; not just with canines but humans as well. I am not a big yearly vaccination fan; I just don't get why dogs would need the same shot every year when we all had our last shot when we were kids. So why do dogs need all these shots? They don't. That's correct they don't and we are actually harming them by giving them yearly vaccinations. I feel strongly that they do indeed need their initial shots and may need them again in their lifetime but with yearly titer tests you can know whether or not your dog has a good level of immunity to certain diseases. I won't go on and on about it because there is plenty of information to read on the subject on the internet. I have linked some good articles below.

Please read the articles and at least be informed before you opt to have your dog revaccinated every year.


  1. Thanks for this Sherri, I'm going to post your link on this info on my Blog and hopefully spread it to more canine owners.

  2. The more people who are educated about this the better.

    Thanks Maureen


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