Black Friday this and that

Good Black Friday morning; I'm sure the stores are packed by now but I will not be one of the hoards visiting the malls. I don't do crowds; I hate them and do my best to get out and hit the stores before the rest of the people. What I have found to be great this time of year is online shopping; even for your pooches. There are many deals to be had but unfortunately there are bad deals as well.

When looking up deals for dogs I found some disturbing ads. Many of the puppy millers use today to sell a pile of dogs; so please beware. STAY OUT OF PET STORES THAT SELL ANIMALS AND DON'T BUY ONLINE DOGS; where you pick and choose from an image. Like I've said so often; good breeders don't sell their dogs to pet stores and they don't sell their puppies from an image online.

So as far as good deals? There are deals to be had everywhere right now and not just today; with a little time and effort you can spend alot less money than had anticipated. When I find great deals I will post them. Have a great day today and if you aren't hitting the malls then have a great day with your dog.

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