Three muskateers

I love having three dogs; I'd like to have five, five has always been my goal. I'm working on that but for now I love having three. My pack is not a touchy feely one; they mostly sleep apart except when in the kitchen as I only have one bed in there. The floor is hard and Tilley is the only one that will lay on the tile floor in the kitchen.

Lastnight with the threat of rain we brought the big double lounge cushion in; so that's where they all decided to lay this morning. How cute? I love when they all lay together; probably because it doesn't happen very often. Although where I go the whole pack goes; but once at our destination they usually split up.

Also shown above is my pack in my xterra; this was taken yesterday at the end of our walk. The park is literally 5 min. away and a spot we frequent alot. Luke has a very expressive face; you can always tell his mood just by looking at him. Obviously here he's pretty happy. I try very hard to make sure everyone get's their own time; I think it builds a much stronger bond when you aren't always a pack. This may be why they all rely on me and only rely on one another if I am nowhere to be had.

Having a pack is a great thing; but you have to work hard to keep them mannerly and individual. All dogs are different and each has their own special needs. If a pack is always a pack then individuals tend to melt into the pack and not become all that they can be. That is unless you make sure to spend one on one with each member. Some dogs do not do well in a pack and as odd as it seems; do better alone as an only dog or one of two dogs. Although I think most dogs do well in a pack if their individual needs are met; if not they simply become a number, which is sad.


  1. I agree, I would love one more std. poodle. I have two, one wt. one bk. My next one will be a party color.

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  2. Love party poos. Thinking anytime soon?


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