Friends and the poodle herd

Yesterday we met a few of the regulars from our local poodle group. It is always so much fun catching up and seeing our friends and it's not just the humans that enjoy meeting up with friends. We met at the Montage; one of our favorite places to walk, it truly is like walking through a postcard. The grounds are landscaped to perfection and it is very dog friendly; along the pathways are water fountains with dog bowls attached at the bottom. And the view from where ever you are standing is simply spectacular.

But even before we get there the whining commences; as Luke inhales a nose full of sea breeze he knows where we are headed. Well he knows that we are headed to one of the beach spots that we frequent. So 10 minutes from our destination he is pacing back and forth, whining. As I pull down the ramp and into the parking spot the whining gets louder and once parked he's pretty wound. I get out; pay and put my stub on the dash while the dogs are still in the car. If I do take them out for this process Luke baulks at returning to the car so I do that part alone and then they get out of the car.

He can barely contain himself and is speed scanning for his pals; it is on a rare occasion that we don't meet up with friends here and he knows that. At the first sight of a few of his buds he's a spinning, whining fool and all of this makes me smile at how happy he is to see his friends. Luke being a reactive dog makes it very easy to read him and when he does not know a dog it is clear. All of this crazy behavior is strictly reserved for his buds.

Then comes the biggest greeting of all; his friend from our regular park. She is by far his favorite and I'm sure it's because he sees her the most often. One glimpse and he's chomping at the bit to connect. We have our huge greeting; poodles everywhere sniffing, wagging and spinning all with huge grins on their faces. Then we walk; everyone calms and is happy to share the time walking with their poodle friends. It is a great gang of people and dogs.

Seeing this many poodles together always causes a sensation; from stares to people who need to touch. And let's face it; who doesn't love to talk about their dog to others?

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