Got a secret

Got a secret? Tell a dog. How many times have you had a secret soooo good that you had to tell someone. In your excitement to share with another you impulsively spill the beans; to the wrong person. I know I've told many things to people; specifically asking "please do not tell anyone," only to find out within less than a day the news was out. Basically if you have a secret that you really don't want getting out; you tell your dog.

Isn't that one of the many fabulous things about dogs? Dogs can keep our secrets very well; forever in fact. If you are a very private person and do not like to share with others; a dog is often a great one to talk to. But not everything can be kept secret; even by dogs. Personally my dogs have let me in on several things that were very important that I find out. They can speak volumes with their actions but you must be watching; often signals are easily missed if you are not paying attention.

Dogs communicate far better than we do; a simply glance can have alot of meaning but if you miss that glance you've missed the whole story. Perhaps your spouse has brought home a special something; hiding it behind a couch. I know my guys would let me know right away; no bag comes into this house without the dogs knowing about it. And if they feel like it is a gift? They are all over it. If a cat has been in the backyard or someone who shouldn't have been; they let me know that as well.

Often things cannot be hidden from others if the dog knows about it but you can be pretty sure that if you tell your dog a secret; your secret is safe. ;)

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