The love of a dog

This morning I woke up to the bed shaking; no we weren't having an earthquake. It was Luke and he was stomping around looking for a place to rest his head. He ended up across my chest with his boney elbows causing me to gringe just a little. As I opened my eyes I got a foot in the face and he offered up a couple of "here I am" kisses. What a way to wake up; what a great way. With a huge smile on my face I turned over for some wonderful snuggling.

Having our dogs on the bed in the morning is simply wonderful. There are times when everyone stays in their own bed; but mostly the morning is about enjoying each others company. Let's face it life is hectic and when you can take the time to simply enjoy your dogs company; do it. Both Jessie and Tilley need a hoist in the morning and once up and snuggled in they are none to interested in going anywhere. I swear they would all stay in bed as long as I stayed there.

Many mornings we have a shortened time in bed and I'm off to the gym. With my return I find them all still curled up in place; thinking nothing of getting up anytime soon. This morning was different; Luke typically takes up his spot at the end of the left corner of the bed. He doesn't like being bunched all together but enjoys being with us all. For some reason he needed to be close this morning; and he even accepted Jessie being close, very close.

I slipped out of bed and ran and got my camera; this was just too cute to miss. There are probably a handful of times that I can remember Luke tolerating Jessie so close when he is trying to sleep. But she was calm this morning and he was very tired; a great combination for adorable shots. It truly is the little things.

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