The golden years

We have alot of golden years going on at our house; Jessie is nearing 14, Tilley 13 and Luke 10. When we spend the morning out and about on our long walks it is a surefire guarantee that the afternoon will be spent in very deep sleep for all; or at least the girls. My oldest Jessie is a sun worshiper; she finds the single beam of sunshine coming into the room midday and soaks up the warmth on her little body. With her hearing going now she often does not hear my moving about anymore; I can go out and come home without her knowing.
Tilley was always the busy girl; during the day she could be found out in the yard enjoying her shadows. She too has an extreme depth to her slumber now; her hearing is good so she may wake but her body tells her to stay put. Just yesterday I got home from an errand and she did just that; woke, greeted me with her eyes but never moved from her comfort zone curled up on her bed. These are the moments when you realize that things have really changed. Change is sometimes diffiuclt but if you go with the flow change is good.
The change for us now is that we slow our pace. Pretty much everything concerning the dogs has slowed; getting in the car, going outside, bedtime, grooming and day to day routine. Jessie has always been hoisted into the car being that she is a short 12" tall. Tilley is lifted in and out now; she has been for several years. Rousting everyone for their last trip out at night is a process; one where we are cheering them on to rise from their bed and wait patiently for it. As you see your dog aging like this; watching the time it takes for them to simply get up and out of bed, it calls to the nurturer in you. You can't help but want only the good things in life for them now; the best food, the most comfortable bed and the yummiest of treats.

With the cooler nights now; everyone is tucked in, literally. Each dog is snug and comfy under their fleece blanket. New beds have been bought to ensure that old bones do not feel the hardness of the floor making their slumber a welcome one. It is hard to see our dogs age; seeing the spring in their step slowly turn to an effort, watching their bright eyes cloud over and seeing them sleep much longer than they ever use to. But with it comes a new experience for your relationship, more time spent on just being. Just being with each other can be one of the most wonderful moments in time.
Hug your dog today.

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