New York New York

As the temperatures rise here in Southern California my thoughts are heading North East. How I long for a nip in the air and some snow; well......I can dream. My body may be in SoCal but I can shop in New York, sort of. The New York Dog Shop is an online shopping spot for those looking for something special for their pooch. If you love to shop for your dog; this is the place. I LOVE the little playpen for dogs on the People and Home page and the Mardi Gras collar is a must for anyone who loves some bling for their dog; especially for the Holiday season.

When in New York check out the Westminster Kennel Club; the big show is only 82 days away. Held in February this show will mark the 134th Annual show for the Kennel Club. And this year they add 3 new breeds; the Irish Red and White Setter, which I have had the honor of photographing. The Norwegian Buhund and the Pyrenean Shepherd; both of which I have yet to meet. You've all heard of the Westminster dog show; even non dog people have heard of it, it's a biggy. So mark your calendars; February 15-16 at Madison Square Garden.

So pour yourself a nice cup of hot tea or maybe a holiday coffee and take a trip to New York this afternoon. That's where I'm headed. ;)

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