A nip in air

Yesterday was glorious; we made our way down to the beach at sunset to capture some big surf images. It wasn't as big as I had hoped but it was heaven walking in the cold air and ocean breeze. I was surprised to see so many dogs; there were more dogs there than I've ever seen. We came across two standards which if I hadn't been in such a hurry to get to the beach I would have talked to. Both were beautiful reds; a color I love. But there was everything enjoying the chilly sunset from tiny chihuahuas dressed in their little coats, medium mixed breeds and the big guys like Shepherds and mastiffs.

By the time I had finished shooting it had pretty much cleared out; making me think that this is the time I'm planning another trip down with the dogs. The poodles love the nip in the air; it's nice to go for a walk when you don't break out in a sweat. And being that it gets so cool at night now it's hard to take off more of their coat. They need a short coat in the day and longer at night which is obviously impossible so it's either they get warm in the day and perfect at night or perfect in the day and cold at night. Right now they are in a little bit of longer coat so they are comfortable at night.

It was obvious that the dogs and their guardians (oh, there's that terminology again) were enjoying the nip in the air. Even if you are a native of southern California; a chill is nice once in a while eh? Once we returned home we got our customary excited greeting and it was time to eat and snuggle. I prepared our dinner which we ate watching Elf and generously shared with the pooches. They had their dinner and it was snuggle time; something all enjoy. ;)

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  1. WOOT I love the Fur-lined sofa :)

    Great photography too!

    Igor's Mom~


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