Bloodroot - Neoplasene

First let me explain that I am a skeptic; I am not a naysayer but I must have proof before believing. I feel that this stance is the best approach and tend to think that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I am in no way promoting this product; I am simply stating the facts as far as my own experience with my dog Tilley.

Tilley had a lump on her leg; she has had it for many months. Most recently the vet attempted to withdraw some cells from it to send off to see if it was cancer or not. Unfortunately it was like a little pebble and she was unable to get anything from it. I kept a close eye on it for change etc. Last week it changed; it had opened up and I was unsure if it had opened on it's own or if Tilley had injured it on something. Luckily we already had an annual visit appointment to the vet set up for following Thursday.

Once we arrived and the vet had a look she said it should come off. She then told me about Bloodroot or Neoplasene. I'd never heard of it and because Tilley is nearing 13 years of age I didn't want to go the surgery route. I okayed it. Neoplasene was applied directly to the tumor; a protective salve was spread around the healthy flesh to protect it. Then it was all wrapped up and to be left wrapped for at least 12 hours.

The next day I opened up the wrapping to find some irritated skin and the tumor which was slightly white. I cleaned the entire site with peroxide and then covered it with a natural organic salve. We made another trip to the veterinarians on Saturday morning. I was concerned about another treatment as it had leeched onto her healthy skin when wrapped. The Dr. asked if I had time to sit with Tilley for about an hour? We could apply the neoplasene on the tumor and leave it to work for an hour. I agreed; the healthy skin was again protected with salve and the neoplasene applied. I sat with Tilley for an hour while we allowed the substance to do it's thing.

Tilley's leg was wrapped again and we headed home. The next day Tilley decided to unwrap her leg on her own. My son called me as she was in the process. After unwrapping it properly and washing down to peroxide again it was obvious that the tumor was indeed starting to pull away. I covered it with salve and wrapped it up again. Skipping ahead to yesterday; I started unwrapping. As I began to pull the gauze from Tilley's leg I could see that the tumor; now only half the size had completely come away. It was off of her and now lay in the gauze.

After much research I found there to be two very strong opinions on this subject. It is definitely worth looking into as I feel that the treatment for cancers have gone far wrong in many ways. I also believe that this is a product that the unscrupulous will grab a hold of and run. Like anything humans tend to want to make a buck so caution is always your best route. Is this a miracle cure? I guess the jury is still out; but like anything that gives a glimmer of hope it does deserve more research. It can be dangerous in the wrong hands as many things can be.

I will keep a close eye on the progession of the loss of this lump. Tilley now has a very small wound to get healed up which after dealing with her tail issue several years back seems like nothing.


  1. Very interesting, Sherri. How are you feeling about this now?
    I looked into this with Rondo's bone cancer. There certainly are split opinions. The vet I saw was wary of it, but I have read of success stories, I think in a yahoo neoplasene group.
    Good luck to Tillie. I'd go for hope.

  2. Well Barbara I'm hopeful. Yes there are two very strong sides which can be tough to figure out., Being that her lump was small and on her leg; I think it was a good option.


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