December 17, 2009

I have to admit it was tough getting through yesterday. Tuesday night was spent listening to the dog door swing open and drop into it's magnetic landing place. I listened as Tilley went in; and came out. I listened to her as she searched for a perfect spot to rest between her trips outside; all this from the couch in the family room where I could monitor her comings and goings. The afternoon before; Tilley had decided to remove her bandages which I found in a pile in the bedroom when I returned from a quick errand.

Did Tilley eat some of the bandaging? Not sure. Did licking all the ointment off of her leg upset her stomach? Perhaps but whatever it was her system was flushing and as usual it happens at night. By yesterday morning she was fine; she was hungry and she was tired as was I. But luckily for Tilley she was able to spend the day resting and sleeping while I battled the parking strategies and the other shoppers at the mall and tried my best not to sit for too long knowing that I just might slip into a deep sleep.

Luke was tired as well; he had a restless night. He didn't like that I was not in my normal spot and made many trips down to check on me. He went in and out a couple of times to see what Tilley was up to and tried to settle on the couch with me. But from his behavior yesterday he had not gotten a good night sleep along with me. All the dogs slept sound yesterday and I think today will be a better day.

Have a great one.

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