Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day After Christmas; this is my favorite Holiday because this day has the same charm as Christmas without all the work. The day for us is spent lazing around; although we did run the dogs bright and early. We eat lots of leftovers (love leftovers) and spend time with the family.

I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas had a great one; we did as did the dogs. Luke was in full swing yesterday; opening presents is one of his favorite activities and this joy can sometimes become a bit of a hinderance. He learned the wonders of gift opening on his first Christmas; we always get the dogs something. Once he opened his first gift he thought it would be fun to open them all. Encouraged by onlookers he has become a little bit of a crazed gift opener. If someone does not want his assistance you must be very firm with a "LEAVE IT". Then he just wanders off to the next gift.

The girls were not quite as enthusiastic as Luke; they spent the day snuggled on the couch and in front of the fire. Tilley enjoyed her soft pink boot toy but Jessie really wasn't interested. Once dinner came they were all very interested in sharing turkey dinner which they got to indulge in. I always save the organs for them and they get sweet potato; more turkey and cooked carrots.

I am enjoying this quiet Boxing day surrounded by the dogs. Happy Holidays everyone.

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