Busy busy

Man what a busy time of year; it never fails every year we are doing some home renovation project around the holiday season. This year is no exception and hopefully will be done this coming weekend. So with that there are lots of things to work around plus all the regular stuff. I have a good start of my shopping, baking is underway, got my December Newsletter out on time, photos submitted to the publications, decorations just about complete and the list goes on and on.

The dogs are in need of maintenance; first they all need a bath which may possibly happen today. Then they need some teeth scraping, poodles need ear hair pulling, nails need doing and poodles need a bit of a trim. Tilley has her annual check up next Thursday which is something I implement for seniors. Typically I visit the vets if something is wrong but now that she will be turning 13 its time for annual check ups. Tilley hates going to the vet; she pretty much shuts down and afterwards will be exhausted.

Yesterday I made a quick stop at the grocers on the way home from the gym. I was looking for some beef on special and found giblets and gizzards mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I had completely forgot that this is the time to stock up; so I gathered up about 10 packages, grabbed a turkey, a package of stewing beef and headed home. It took about 2 seconds for the dogs to make their way to the kitchen; they love organ meat and I'm guessing the strong smell has something to do with it. The dogs enjoyed beef for breakfast and gizzards with quinoa for dinner.

Today has just started and the list is already growing; have a great one everyone.

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