This morning everyone was up early with us. I was very lucky to have a delicious breakfast brought to me and as I do every morning I shared. The dogs were all lined up nice and close; each awaiting their morsel of bread and butter. Both Jessie and Tilley scarf their food down without so much as giving it a sniff; after all they already know what I'm eating. Luke on the other hand must be given the tiniest of morsel; and then he breaks each of those down even smaller. Once he is going on the eating then you can offer him larger pieces but not until then or they are just dropped.

When he does drop pieces that are too big Tilley is right there to scoop them up. She is allowed to snarfle around eating what he drops. Every so often he will posture ever so slightly but that's it. Now; if Jessie even considers sniffing around for dropped morsels she receives the full display of Luke's pearly whites. So what's the diff? Why is Tilley allowed and not Jessie? First; it is obvious that Tilley and Luke are a pair; a couple so to speak. And second there is a constant battle for status between Jessie and Luke. It is with my leadership that this only goes as far as the occasional teeth display or growl; I will not allow anything else.

It is very interesting to watch dogs following pack rules that they have created. Jessie can discipline Luke but not Tilley; they have an understanding. Luke can hassle Tilley to the point of going crazy but not Jessie; if he does he get's a face snap. And there are rules about sleeping arrangements which they all know and understand. Pretty much Tilley get's away with murder; she can do just about anything. This is probably due to her neutral status; neutral is a great way to be. She is happy doing whatever; she is flexible and a peace maker. You can only have so many dominants before something goes sideways.

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