A dog is a dog

A dog is a dog is a dog; correct? Yep. From the tiniest of pocket pooches to the giant Irish Wolfhound and Leonberger they are almost identical in their genetic makeup. Sure they look very different from one another but inside all is the heart of a canine.

Often dogs are treated to match their outward appearance; this is caused by our natural human visual response. A tiny little dog tweeks at our "it's a baby" reaction where the big brute dogs tend to give off the "tough guy" vibe. But all dogs; big, small, long, lean, buff and average are the same inside. I have often witnessed small dogs living in the home while larger dogs in the same family live outside. Or cute looking dogs live in the house with the family but the rougher ones live outdoors. This makes no sense once so ever; all dogs no matter what they look like deserve to live indoors with their family.

Take the pocket pooch trend that Miss Hilton launched to catastrophic proportions. Do you really think because a dog is small that they enjoy being treated like a living doll? Nope. The tiny dogs are still dogs and love to hike, smell, play and do all the things that other dogs do. Yes of course you need to take more care; especially if you purchased a "teacup" dog. Please if you are looking to get a small dog do not be duped into buying a teacup size; they have a slew of medical issues due to being bred down so far in size. Let alone their breaking point; they are a fragile bunch. And the term teacup is strictly used as a marketing plow.

Where dogs differ is obviously in the exterior and their hardwired behaviors. Hardwired behaviors are instinctive traits that are not taught; they are there from birth and are passed down by dam and sire genetic information to their puppies. Different breeds can display vastly contrasting hardwire behaviors due to human intervention. Thus we are left with dogs that do what they must; they are driven to. Border collies must herd; Golden retriever must retrieve etc.

So even though our dogs may seem so different; they are all still dogs. Over the years humans have taken the different breeds in distinctively different directions, deep down they are all still one. The amazing canine.

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