New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve day everyone. First I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and taking an interest in your canine/s. Now I'd love to know if you have any great New Year's resolutions concerning your dog/s? Each and every year I make a pact with myself to be a better dog Mom. For me that means more research and more time spent with each dog individually. There is always progress to me made on oneself; so onto the New Year and a better me; I say.

Spreading information is a very important part of canine guardianship. I cannot tell you how many times I start speaking about something canine related in a way that I expect the person whom I am talking to already know about. It is then that I get the puzzled look and I realize they have never heard of this before; time to spread the info. So many people love their dogs; just as much as us but aren't into researching the mountains of info that there is out there. So when you find out some new and exciting news; share it.

Every little tidbit of info; whether it be about behavior, a new product either dangerous or good needs to be shared. There are many people out there that still don't know about the dangers of chocolate for our dogs; surprising but true.

Life is an never ending evolution; how do you plan to evolve in 2010?

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